Why the Choice of Frequency For Ultrasound Therapy is Important and How to Choose

Most therapeutic ultrasound equipment arrive with a selection of 1 or 3 megahertz frequencies and the clinician is left determining which of all those frequencies is required. This is a definition of megahertz and which frequency is indicated in ultrasound treatment.

A megahertz is defined as, abbreviated MHz, a device of alternating recent (AC) or electromagnetic (EM) wave frequency equivalent to a person million hertz (1,000,000 Hz). This frequency is inaudible to humans considering the fact that for humans the audible frequency is missing at 20,000 Hz.

The frequency of therapeutic ultrasound is important, based on the space getting dealt with for ache relief, or for accelerating healing due to injuries. There is an inverse relationship amongst bigger frequency and depth of penetration. As the frequency will increase from 1 to 3 MHz, the depth of penetration decreases, ie. bigger the frequency the significantly less penetration.

The depth of penetration is important if the ultrasound treatment method is on an ankle, knuckle, elbow, TMJ (tempro mandibular joint), knee or other space that is shut to the area that is getting dealt with. In buy to generate warmth for an ankle the clinician will established the frequency to 3 MHz due to the fact the space getting dealt with is shut to the area and bigger frequency has significantly less penetration so the treatable tissues are getting qualified better.

If a individual is struggling from back again ache, sciatica, shoulder ache, hip ache or other locations where by the tissues are further close to joints with muscle mass tissue, or where by muscle mass tissue is the qualified tissue then 1 MHz is utilized considering the fact that defect penetration is required to address the impacted space.

A lot of therapeutic ultrasound models arrive with a selection of frequencies, even so for household use it is required to have several frequency options, but more important to have the frequency required for the individual&#39s condition. In acute scenarios it is most helpful for a individual to hire the ultrasound device for household use rather than go back again and forth at larger cost to clinics for brief ultrasound treatments.

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