The Secret of Spiritual Healing

It is commonly accepted that to some degree a positive attitude can help people he faster, as well as get sick less and have overall healthy lives. It is commonly accepted that married people are happier and live longer than single people. That people with pets live happier lives, and so on. What is not commonly accepted though is that people with a spiritual faith are healthy and happier than people you lack faith. This is not socially accepted because it is taboo to combine science and religion. However, I fear ignoring the connection will only hinder people's recovery.

I have seen people who were literally dying, and frankly had very little urge to try get better, and then something happened that transformed them. It could have been a divine dream, an answered prayer, or a loved one that brings that person to a place of faith. I have seen people become happier, almost lighter over night. They let go of their negatives and embrace their life. In these situations, their physical symptoms start to diminish. They slowly get healthier and stronger until they are on their way home.

Although there is a lot to be said for the healing power of faith, I think theirs is even more to be said for the healing powers of joy and satisfaction, and those are two to of the many feelings a person can acquire through faith in a higher power. It does not matter what faith you adore to, or how you found your way there. As long as your faith is sincere, it will have the power to take hold of your life. People with a strong faith live a better quality of life, because even when they are on their death beds, they are more at peace and content with the end of their lives.

Source: by Irsan Komarga

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