The Cardinal Bird Feeder – What Works Best?

The intention of a cardinal chook feeder, of system, would be to attract the cardinal. This chook, of system, is probably the solitary most preferred chook for yard chook watchers. Nonetheless, to the dismay of quite a few, there genuinely is no cardinal feeder for every se. But, the chook surely has equally feeder and seed choices. Let us just take a glance!

Initial, what does not do the job that very well.

The tube feeder is really preferred. Nonetheless, never make the blunder of pondering it a favorite of the cardinal. I’ve been observing birds for years and years and I can tell you with entire certainty that this is not your best preference for the cardinal. He has almost no neck and is pressured to switch his whole physique sideways to take in from a tube. In addition, he is just a smidgen much too huge for most perches.

Some men and women will suggest you to add a tray to the base. Granted, you will see the chook more typically if you do this. Just maintain in mind that Droll Yankees trays fit Droll Yankees tube feeders Features trays fit Features tube feeders Chook Quest trays fit Chook Quest tube feeders.

Do you know which manufacturer you have?

Also, maintain in mind that trays attract a lot of other birds like grackles and starlings. If these birds go to your tube feeder, you will not see quite a few cardinals (or any other birds for that make any difference). Maintain in mind the reason of a tube feeder is to deliver for tiny birds like the tufted titmouse and Carolina chickadee.

Add a tray, in arrive the medium and significant birds, away go the tiny birds-just like that, you’ve got defeated the reason of the tube.

So what does do the job?

A proper cardinal chook feeder is any feeder whose style and design accommodates the cardinal’s desire to “bend at the hip” or not at all when feeding. You want a feeder that does not power the chook to switch its physique. A fundamental hopper feeder is a excellent preference as a cardinal chook feeder. So is any fly-through chook feeder (a fly-through feeder is open on all sides and has enough room). Also, system feeders on the floor are perfect cardinal feeders.

There are producers of feeders who explain their product or service as “cardinal feeder.” The no-no is 1 these types of case in point. Though this feeder does accommodate the cardinal, be cautious! A lot of chook feeders do not do what the company statements.

The Droll Yankees squirrel evidence feeder identified as the whipper is intended to be a cardinal feeder. The curved perch is a amazing innovation that accommodates the chook completely. The Brome Treatment “squirrel buster” squirrel evidence feeder, with its detachable ring, also serves the chook, though the chook does not appear as cozy on this feeder as he does on the whipper (make no blunder, though, the Brome Treatment Solution is equivalent and even excellent to the Droll Yankees product or service in quite a few means).


What seed should really you feed the cardinal? Fingers down, safflower. This is a bitter tasting seed that squirrels, grackles and starlings are likely not to take in.

If you never have these pests floating around, any quality chook seed will do. Black oil sunflower seed and sunflower hearts (chips) are favorites of the cardinal. He’ll take in most blends, much too but never use huge box blends–they’re complete of filler that birds never take in.

I’ve observed cardinals take in fruit–you will want a fruit feeder for this.

So, what is my favorite cardinal chook feeder?

You know, my suggest to chook watchers needing to attract cardinals to “get again to principles.” I advise possibly a wood hopper feeder or a fly-through system feeder provide as their cardinal chook feeder.

If you abide by this suggest and are affected individual, I assure that you will be frequented by this lovely chook year round!

Supply: by Robert Kegebein

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