Stopping Cancer Cells Using Electrotherapy

Electricity Kills Most cancers Tumors

In the early 1980’s, for the duration of the onset of the attractiveness of tens units, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, it was widely claimed that a radiologist in Stockholm, Sweden, Bjorn Nordenstrom, had identified a way to destroy most cancers tumors with energy. It was claimed that by inserting a needle inside of a tumor, applying a milliamp damaging D.C. existing through the needle that one particular could dissolve the tumor and end the development. This report was and proceeds to be widely circulated about the efficacy of electrotherapy for managing most cancers.

What Possibly Really Occurred

What is not outlined is the point that the needle inserted into the tumor had a silver outer coating. Silver is a damaging ion that means a robust damaging demand can repel the silver ions into encompassing tissues. Silver has a historic foundation as an antibiotic applied prior to penicillin and sulfa drugs for killing community and systemic bacterial infections caused by microorganisms.
How Silver Was/Is Applied

If a affected person had a systemic an infection and, was on death’s mattress, it was frequent to have the affected person consume silver knowing it could destroy the pathogens present in the human body. It was also known there was a 50/50 possibility the an infection may perhaps not destroy the affected person but the silver would. With tiny hope of lifetime the administration of silver was undertaken to end the an infection and conserve the affected person. Silver was applied just mainly because it was known to destroy microorganisms. Right now we use it as a topical for pores and skin conditions with a bacterial causation. The silver ions nonetheless destroy all kinds of microorganisms and other condition resulting in pathogens.

What The Silver Did To The Most cancers Tumors

What was decided later on as this “research” received publicity was it was likely not the damaging demand of the energy that killed the tumor, but the driving of silver ions into the tumor by the damaging polarity that destroyed the tumor and the most cancers cells. The damaging constant direct existing was not destroying the most cancers cells but the silver ions driven off the needle and deposited in the tumor was the causative agent of loss of life.

Can Electrical Costs Get rid of Most cancers Cells?

The response is a resounding indeed having said that that is not the challenge. The challenge is can energy destroy hazardous most cancers cells without having killing advantageous cells. One particular worry of the research was it was straightforward to see how the tumors remaining stimulated ended up dying but did the damaging fees also destroy advantageous cells. It has been nicely known that electrical fees can choose ordinary cells and accelerate the development/repair rate of those cells.

That is incredibly critical if there is a non-union bone fracture and without having mending then amputation is the only alternative. Electricity can stimulate the bone tissue to unionize and the approach is referred to as practical restoration.

With most cancers the tumors remaining destroyed ended up significant having said that there ended up a lot of other tumor cells and the worry was would the estim motivate more quickly development/replication of the encompassing fatal cells. That response to this day is nonetheless not known to my know-how but it did elevate the question of killing one particular team of localized most cancers cells when accelerating the development of other most cancers cells. Try to remember while the advantageous final results are linked to “healthier cells” when most cancers cells are not known as healthier cells so the final results are not essentially the identical. To regard most cancers cells and the ordinary copy of healthier cells in the human body is not a honest assumption. Not an apple to apple comparison.

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Resource: by Bob G Johnson

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