Reflexology – Non Invasive Healing Technique

Reflexology? Ever read of it? Neither experienced I until I ran into a website place up by Monthly bill Flocco, director and founder of the American Academy of Reflexology. It seemingly is a website for soreness aid and is liable for providing you a deep sense of relaxation.


This approach is centered on the thought that damage or illness in one particular element of the entire body can cause a buildup of material that irritates nerve endings in reflex points in the ft, arms and ears. Hence, reflexing – implementing pressure on and gentile manipulation at the points of the ft, arms and ears – corresponds to and can help unique locations of the entire body.


The reflexes in the fingers and toes correspond to the head and neck. For very best outcomes massage these reflex points for 5 to 10 minutes at minimum two times a day and at minimum 4 periods a 7 days. Sometimes aid will appear speedily, or it can get several days, months or longer for reflexology to support.

Caution: if soreness is connected to a healthcare affliction search for support from a physician.

For each ailment you can use pressure on the arms, ears and ft for aid.

A several reflex points are explained listed here:

Jaw Discomfort

This winter season I fell on the ice on the right aspect of my experience inflammation it up providing me a lot of soreness and a big contusion. I experienced intensive soreness in the jaw region while X-rays proved unfavorable. Soon after managing throughout reflexologist Dr. Flocco website I assumed why not check out it. On his website he directs you to use the suggestion of your index finger, locate the small flap of cartridge at the top rated of the earlobe. Then shift your finger about 50 percent an inch toward the back again edge of the ear. Put the suggestion of the thumb guiding the ear and with the index finger on the front, squeeze gently, implementing firm, but not unpleasant pressure. Use pressure on each ears at as soon as.

Soon after you have applied the reflexology on the ear for 5 to 10 minutes, do it on your ft. Although seated, put you still left foot on the opposite knee. With the still left hand grasp the big toe and use pressure with the suggestion of the thumb to the widest element of the big toe in the region closest to the next toe. Change legs and repeat, exercise each for 5 to 10 minutes.

Soon after seeking these methods on the ears and ft for the recommended sum of time, 4 periods a 7 days, soon after two months the soreness experienced dissipated to the extent I no longer experienced soreness. Wow, to say the minimum I was stunned it labored!

Reduce Again Discomfort

I was so stunned this labored like it did I assumed I would check out it on my chronic back again soreness I made when I was youthful. I experienced been having Ibuprofen for it endlessly I just assumed that perhaps this would do the job.

On the website the good physician directs you to uncover the region just above the wrist on the thumb edge of the still left palm. Grasping from guiding with the fingers of the opposite hand, use gentile pressure to this level with the suggestion of the thumb. Gently roll the suggestion of your thumb though implementing pressure. Change arms and repeat for 5 to 10 minutes 4 periods a 7 days. I did these workout routines for one particular 7 days and the back again soreness completely disappeared from my entire body. I have not experienced back again soreness now for several a long time now I am positive I was on to something.

Lowering Urinary Frequency

As I have developed older I was receiving up to go to the lavatory at minimum two times a night. I have looked at several distinctive drug treatment plans whose aspect results are worse than the therapy. I looked once again on the website and located an exercise that the physician mentioned would reduce receiving up at night completely. You want to do this simple exercise 4 to six periods day by day and he vowed this would get rid of the urine frequency.

The website says, though sitting down, put your still left foot on your right knee. Locate the spot on the inner edge of the still left foot that is a direct line beneath the ankle bone, wherever the inner aspect of the foot and the sole of the foot satisfy. Working with your right thumb, use pressure on this level. Gently grasp and stabilize the still left foot with the fingers on the right hand though you do this. Repeat on the opposite foot. The exercise should last from 5 to 10 minutes. Do this day by day until urination frequency disappears.

I tried using it for two months and the urination frequency finally, at lengthy last, disappeared. I am pleased to say that reflexologist Dr. Flocco has carried out wonders for my soreness management. By simply pursuing his way the troubles have all absent absent.

Supply: by Gary Kent Boyd

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