Proper Tens Electrode Placement Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery

The use of tens devices for submit surgical therapy is remaining commonly used currently in the orthopedic medical procedures space. The use of a tens equipment is frequently done as a way to avert and manage agony subsequent trauma to tissue and bones caused by medical procedures. The tens device electrodes are place on the patient while the patient is nevertheless unconscious and under anesthesia. In most cases the electrodes are sterile electrodes, nonetheless due to the fact the placement occurs immediately after the wound is sutured it is not needed to only use sterile electrodes. This is a common guideline on how to spot the electrodes and far more importantly why.

If the tens equipment is remaining used only for agony then the electrode placement is not as crucial as it is when the electrical stimulus of the tens device is remaining used to aid more quickly healing of the harmed tissues. We endorse the tens electrode placement involve each aspects of submit medical procedures healing, more quickly healing and less agony. Electrical stimulation has historically been used to heal non-union fractures, non healing decubitus ulcers, and the processes for people kind uses is the same one particular uses for healing tissues subsequent medical procedures.

Most clinicians are familiar with how electrical energy goes as a result of the entire body from a tens equipment. A tens equipment has two “channels”. A channel is nothing at all far more than a circuit from the tens equipment and the equipment sends electrical energy down one particular wire/cable to one particular electrode to go into the entire body. Just after the electrical energy enters the entire body it then takes the shortest easiest, less resistant, route to the other electrode that has been put on the entire body. It is the space in between the electrodes that is essential.

Let us acquire an ACL reconstruction on the knee and clearly show how this functions. Several surgeons and tens company reps will spot two electrodes on the same channel instantly earlier mentioned the knee on every aspect of the leg. The current circulation is about 3 – 6 inches earlier mentioned the knee – NOT IN THE Place The place THE Delicate TISSUE AND BONE TISSUE Were being Hurt. Simply because the current is only flowing earlier mentioned the injured tissue there is almost certainly no helpful acceleration of healing of the bone or smooth tissues owing to the electrical energy. It just does not go into the impacted space for that reason it is unlikely more quickly healing occurs. There is some agony manage from this tens electrode placement, but not any more quickly healing.

The correct placement would be to spot one particular electrode guiding the calf of the knee, and the other electrode on the best of the thigh about 3 – 4 inches earlier mentioned the knee. What this does is:

A. manage the agony by stimulating the afferent nerves in the space, and

B. directs the electrical energy as a result of the space exactly where the medical procedures transpired.

Higher than is the far better tens electrode placement subsequent ACL medical procedures for agony manage, and to get the patient healed and restore whole perform more rapidly.

Right here is a movie to clearly show how the use of Functional electrical stimulation can be used to get back whole action levels 8 – 10 weeks immediately after acl reconstructive medical procedures. This is specially essential for the athlete or boy or girl collaborating in superior college athletics.

Supply: by Bob G Johnson

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